Life and Income Protection Insurance

Life and Income Protection Insurance

The grouping of insurance policies gives a range of product types and benefits. A fine selection of insurance policy provides; life insurance cover, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), Trauma as additional cover, and Income Protection (IP) under one umbrella to cover a policyholder in various ways, which are the four main life insurance policies.

Life in tomorrow brings uncertainties, so selecting the right and total umbrella of life insurance, can give total protection and ultimate peace of mind.

For example, if a newly constituted family has dependents who are living happily together and a partner has life insurance, the following benefit is abounding to them if carefully advised by a life planner.

1. The Life insurance will provide a lump-sum payment to the named beneficiaries on the policy to pay off (If any) remaining mortgage and funeral or final journey expenses when the breadwinner of the family dies after contracting any dread or terminal illness untimely.

2.  Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) will also cover permanent loss of work income due to illness or injury. A lump Sum in replacement of lost income up to retirement age which the initial and ongoing medical, home care expenses and off payment of the mortgage is assured.

3. In cases of trauma, the cover will eventually provide another Lump Sum payment if any Critical illness such as cancer heart attack, and stroke appears surprisingly to this young family. In this situation, recovery and rehabilitation expenses which are obvious in such situations will be taken care of.

4. Income Protection (IP) cannot be overlooked. Temporal loss of income loss, due to illness or injury, will provide regular monthly payments to support the policyholder and the family in replacement of income for everyday expenses.

Mortgage, utility bills car payment expenses and other recurrent expenditure which fall due continuously to make life easy are not exempted.

Life and Income Protection Policy provide financial security and support to the whole family in all uncertain life situations of Man.

Ebenezer Odartey Lamptey

I was born in the Eastern part of Ghana called Koforidua. I'm 43 years old and married to a beautiful wife (Eunice). I was brought up by my mother alone when our family was broke down by my Mom's best friend who turned out to be my Daddy's second wife. Life was difficult where my mum had to do other menial jobs to feed me after she was fired from work for taking me with her to work. What my mum knew was to educate me to get good grades and get the best paying job which she thought was becoming a medical doctor. finally, I ended up in the insurance industry and working for almost a decade. I enjoyed one moment in life when my mother visited me in the western part of the country while on leave. we had the best time when I picked her on my back to show how I wished we are together and my kids pulling her clothes to come down for their turn, ( Grand Maaa, Grand Maaa, it's my turn to be picked by Daddy); Unfortunately, she had a mild paralysis when her Blood Pressure raised and there was no one with her that night when she left my place to her lonely apartment. She died after six months while bedridden. I felt I have enough time for my family afterward. It never happened since I was enslaved to work from 9 to 5. I was not able to move from my comfort zone for my passion which will give me time for my family. Today, I have found what makes me happier and have more time for the people that I care for. My family time together for a silly walk and talk, questions my kids ask which take them to where they want to be in the next 100 years today. They are adults in their own world and their mind is like a lump of wet clay that whatever I print on it will stack which is the best time to give them the best they need from their mentor. I now know my wife also has a passion too.

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