About Us

Ebenezer Odartey Lamptey

My Story

I’m Ebenezer Odartey Lamptey.
I was born in the eastern part of Ghana called Koforidua.
I’m 43 years old and married to a beautiful wife (Eunice) and we have three beautiful girls.
I was brought up by my mother alone when our family was broken down by my Mom’s best friend who turned out to be my Daddy’s second wife.
Life was difficult where my mum had to do other menial jobs to feed me after she was fired from her work for taking me with her.
What my mum knew was to educate me to get good grades and get the best job which she thought is becoming a medical doctor.
Finally, I ended up in the insurance industry and working for almost a decade with only satisfaction in talking to people to plan their families but not the job.
I enjoyed one moment in life when my mother visited me in the western part of the country while on leave. we had the best time when I picked her on my back to show how I wished we are together and my kids pulling her cloths to come down for their turn. They say;

(Grand Maaa, Grand Maaa, it’s my turn to be picked by Daddy on his back).
She wept: Tears of joy for such a priceless moment we had together as a family. She calls if I could visit her too, but that day never come after she left my place. Unfortunately, she had a mild paralysis whey her Blood Pressure raised and there was no one with her that night when she returned to her lonely place in the eastern region of Ghana. She passed after six months while bedridden. The time I wanted never happened since I was enslaved to work from 9 to 5. I felt I have enough time for my family afterward amidst nightmares. I felt I could have helped my mother if I had time with her when she needed me most. I was not able to move from my comfort zone for my passion which will give me time for my family.
Today, I have found what makes me happier.
My family time together for a ‘silly walk and talk’’, questions my kids ask which take them to where they want to be in the next 100 years today. They are adults in their own world and their minds are like a lump of wet clay, whatever you print on it stacks which is the best time to give them the best they need from their mentor like me. I now know my wife also has a passion too after 14 years of marriage. What about you, do you know the best moments of the people you care about?
You are not late to give the best attention to the people you care before they don’t need it again from you while financially providing their needs.

My Dream

My dream is that everyone will understand the true meaning of life and fulfillment by working comfortably from every where and closer to their family on the INTERNET with a proven Team with SIX FIGURE MANTOR DREAM WITH WORLD CLASS TECHNOLOGY FOR EVERYONE. To the world, working hard is working to live and society sees buzzy people as successful ones. A lot of people die on 9 to 5 jobs and the following day their positions are taken by people they think were not existing.
We always sacrifice our health and fulfillment to serve people whose dreams we don’t support but have been hooked into that and end up dissatisfied. Some friends get depressed on the job and their bosses get angry with them for creating a vacuum in the product or service line.
We work wholeheartedly and they pretend they are paying us. If you are working to live why kill yourself working?
Life is not only money but both fulfillment from what impact your life has on people around you too. What time do you have for your loved ones?
You are not late to give the best attention to the people you care about before they don’t need it again from you while financially providing their needs.